CQD Oral Health

What to expect in a checkup appointment.

On your 1st visit to the practice you will be asked to complete a medical history. We will require a list of medication that you take. Then the dentist will carry out a check up. They will visibly examine each individual tooth, soft tissues and gums, and take radiographs of your teeth (radiographs will be repeated every 2 years on average) to allow the dentist to see any cavities and the level of gum and bone around your teeth. We will record any work that has been done or needs to be carried out. A scale and polish will be completed as this is important to keep your gums healthy. 

Do you need treatment? 

Following on from your check up and if you need treatment, the dentist will discuss what type of treatment is required and the options available to you. The dentist will address any concerns that you may have about the proposed treatment. There will also be an estimate printed that will show you the treatment that is required and the price included. If you are happy with this, the reception team will book you in for the next available appointment. 

No treatment required

If you do not require any treatment after your check up, we would ask patients to make their 6 month check up before they leave as this time can go by so quick, we will send a text reminder to let them know the appointment is coming up.