CQD Orthodontics

Why would I need Orthodontic treatment?

When you get your adult teeth as a child, sometimes they can come through crooked, crowded, rotated, or sometimes even not at all, leaving gaps and providing poor functionality. There are a whole host of benefits from having your teeth straightened. Perhaps your back teeth don’t meet at the moment. We can make it so you can chew. If you don’t like the gaps between your teeth, we can remove them. If you have an overbite or an under bite, we can correct it.

If you had a brace as a child but have found over the years that your teeth have started to move back, we can correct them. Maybe crowded teeth have made cleaning your teeth effectively difficult. There’s so much we can do with orthodontics!

​Types of treatment:

  • Traditional fixed metal brace
  • Fixed tooth coloured brace
  • Fixed lingual brace
  • Clear removable aligners